How does a rear axle work?

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French cars are famous for their delicate, vulnerable suspension. The cause of these problems is a rear axle, which must be controlled every year. If you don’t control the wear of your rear axle you may expect serious repairs. In this article, we’ll show you how rear axle works and what are the signs of wear.

What is a rear axle?

A rear axle is a kind of rear suspension based on a simple construction that links together two rear wheels. Because of its small size, it is installed in small, compact vehicles or in those where large boot area is important.

How does a rear axle work?

The rear axle is using a few elements to make it work. Torsion bars set the right height of the vehicle’s rear. Silent blocks are elements that are put in mounting areas. They absorb a part of shakes. Trailing arm bearings are mounted inside of control arm pins and then control arm pins are mounted on beam shafts. You can also find shock absorbers that absorb higher forces.

All that elements in cooperation with rear axle’s centre tube create a high comfort suspension.

What cars have a rear axle?

Rear axles are mainly installed in French cars such as Peugeot, Citroen, and Renault. The most popular car with that type of suspension is Peugeot 206 and Citroen Berlingo. There are two ways how to repair the rear axle in your car. On our website, you can order a complete rear beam or a repair kit. The repair kit contains centre tube and two completes of trailing arm bearings – one for each side.

What are the signs of a rear axle’s wear?

Unfortunately, the first symptoms of wear are not visible to drivers. In most cases bearings damages first. Specialists suggest that you should preventively replace them every 40 000 miles. And how would you know that it is time for a visit in a diagnostic workshop? In fact, as long as bearings don’t act on control arm pins, causing their destruction, the only way to make a diagnosis is to check the loose in the wheels after placing the vehicle on the jack.

However, when the control arm pins are worn out, you may notice squeaking coming from the rear suspension and driving will not be comfortable.

Can I drive a car with a broken axle?

The rear suspension doesn’t break in a day. That’s why a lot of drivers use their cars despite broken rear axle. This might end up badly and the result could be a dangerous car accident caused by a loss of control over the vehicle. Most often when the suspension geometry is unbalanced.