Rear Axle Renault Megane

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Rear Suspension / Rear Beam Renault Megane

Since 1995 it has been in focus. Renault Megane has replaced Renault 19 in the compact sedan segment since 1995. The popularity of Megane has steadily increased and the model has continued to appear on the market in various modifications. Various bodies, many types of engines (dti, dci) and later in 1996 minivan. Overall reliable car, except for rear axle problems.

How to diagnose a defective rear axle?

Renault Mégane rear axle can cause various problems. It is important to diagnose them in time to avoid significant costs. If you have unfortunately not been able to detect them and the first symptoms have occurred, you will need to replace the rear axle. However, it is quite easy to find symptoms. First you notice that your vehicle is no longer stable on the road , then you may hear a crackle, a whistle creak while you are driving. Sooner or later, the height of the rear will decrease and probably end up on the ground. In this case, the only solution is to replace the rear axle and it is best to choose from a range of refurbished axles.

Be careful, Megane has several types of rear axles.

Renault Mégane has several variants of the rear axle. When ordering, pay attention to the following elements:
Determine the type of bodywork, it’s very important! Does your vehicle have 3 or 5 doors? Is it classic version or estate? Each of these vehicles has different rear axle settings.
You need to check the type of brakes, it is important to determine whether they are disc or drum brakes.
As with ABS, check that the sensors are on the brake mounting plate.

In short, the Renault Megane remains a relatively reliable vehicle and is not very expensive to maintain. Its very low fuel consumption and acceptable insurance costs enable it to maintain a very impressive position in the used car market.


Weight50 kg

3 and 5 door, Classic, Estate

Axle type

Triangular, Tubular


with ABS, without ABS


no, yes


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