Rear Axle Peugeot 106

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Rear Beam / Rear Suspension Peugeot 106

Since 1991, the Peugeot 106 has a number of variants and body modifications, as well as a wide selection of petrol and diesel engines. This popular car offers three exciting versions – two sports 106 rally with 1.6 103 bhp and then s16 with 118 bhp. There is also an electric version with the Leroy-Somer SA13 engine, which is capable of 90 km / h. Unfortunately, rear axle problems are also very common with this model.

Poorly maintained rear axle?

The rear axle consists of several components, a crossbar, axles, bearings and suspension arms. All these parts are constantly exposed to bad weather conditions and driving on poor roads that reduce the service life of these parts. The rear axle of the Peugeot 106 has no design defects but often fails due to neglected maintenance, so it should be checked regularly. If the seals are worn, replace them immediately. This early intervention ensures a longer axle life and reduces maintenance costs. When you buy a used Peugeot 106, start by checking the condition of the rear axle. Defects hidden under the vehicle could suddenly surprise you.

How to choose the right rear axle and diagnose its condition.

If you just got a second hand Peugeot 106 or your vehicle has changed its driving characteristics, check the condition of rear axle. Strange noises such as squeaking and whistling are symptoms of an extremely worn rear axle. It is probably time to replace it. When selecting a refurbished rear axle, consider the following:

Make sure your vehicle is equipped with ABS sensors.
Check the brakes. Are they disc or drum brakes?
How many bolts are on the wheel? (3 or 4)

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3 bolt wheels, 4 bolt wheels




with ABS, without ABS


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