Rear Axle Peugeot 306

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Rear Beam / Rear Suspension Peugeot 306

The Peugeot 306 replaced the Peugeot 309 from February 18, 1993, the body of this model had different variants. Several new technologies have been introduced on this model, such as automatic windscreen wiper control and Valeo rain sensors. Airbags and ABS are standard equipment. Improved engines have contributed to the glory of this vehicle, as well as the new timing belt, which increased maximum utilization to 160,000 km or 10 years for 2.0 HDI engines. On this PSA model were also used self-directional rear axles, ie rear axle with torsion bars. The price of this vehicle is relatively acceptable on the used car market today.

How to check the condition of your rear axle?

The Peugeot 306 rear axle has several variants and is very similar in shape to the Peugeot 205 rear axle. If you notice anomalies while driving, it may be due to the rear axle that affects the driveability. Regular visual inspection of the seals will extend the life of the rear axle. The most obvious sign of axle problem will be the reduction of the vehicle ride height. In addition, it is often accompanied by tilting the wheels towards the body. Remember to check the condition of the rear axle when buying a used Peugeot 306. Fortunately, it is easy to find a refurbished rear axle at a good price.

Important information before ordering:

  • Select the right body type (3 or 5 doors, combi)
  • Specify the type of brakes (disc or drum). In the case of drum brakes, the inner diameter of the drum must be measured. It can be 180, 200 or 220 mm.
  • Some Peugeot 306 rear axles have special features, it is important to determine whether you own a VTS or cabrio version.
  • It is important to check that the rear axle has ABS sensors.
Weight50 kg

3 and 5 door, Cabriolet, Estate, GTI


with ABS, without ABS


Discs, Drums 180mm, Drums 202mm, Drums 228mm


no, yes


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