Rear axle Renault Kangoo

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Rear Suspension / Rear Beam Renault Kangoo

Renault released this small van in 1997 and continued production until 2010. Renault Kangoo has a very wide range of petrol and diesel engines as well as electric, hybrid and LPG engines. There are two basic versions, private and commercial.

Types of Renault Kangoo‘s Rear Axles

First, please check whether the rear axle is tubular or triangular. It is easy to recognize the types because one has a long, thin torsion bar and the other uses four torsion bars. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with ABS sensors. The brakes do not need to be checked as the axle is suitable for both types (discs or drums).

Different axles in Renault Kangoo models

Renault axles are specific and this also applies to the Renault Kangoo rear axle. This rear axle has no independent suspension arm, no rolling bearings, but silent blocks. Please note that the second-hand rear axle is the worst option, as the complex design makes it impossible to control it properly. We do not recommend this at all. The best choice is therefore a refurbished rear axle.

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